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We’re renowned for our hot-water crust, Yorkshire Pork Pies but our complete range of delicious options will suit any appetite or occasion. A commitment to the highest quality in every product we bake is what drives the passionate staff in our Mascot bakery. Starting from scratch with the best local ingredients is the only way to ensure whats baked in our ovens is fit to wear the Patchett’s brand.

Family Pies

Aussie Beef
Beef & Carrot
Steak & Kidney
Beef & Mushroom
Chicken & Leek
Beef & Burgundy
Spring Lamb
Thai Chicken


Puff Pies

 Pie-AusBeef Pie-BeefBurg  Pie-BeefMush
Aussie Beef
Made with chunks of chuck steak in a delicious gravy
Beef & Burgundy
Chuck steak, bacon, mushrooms and red wine
Beef & Mushroom
Chuck steak with plenty of fresh field mushrooms
 Pie-PeppSteak Pie-BeefPotato  Pie-PremMince
Peppered Steak
Chunky beef braised in a rich piquant pepper sauce
Beef Potato
Made with chuck steak in a delicious gravy and real mash potato
Premium Mince
Premium mince braised in a delicious beef gravy
Pie-SteakKid  Pie-ChickLeek Pie-ChickMush
 Steak & Kidney
Chuck steak with plenty of kidney, bacon, herbs and onion
Chicken & Leek
A Cornish recipe with chicken, leeks and cream
Chicken & Mushroom
Chicken braised
with mushrooms
Pie-ThaiChick Pie-SpringLamb Pie-BaconEgg
Thai chicken
Chicken with a light, subtle
Thai flavour
Spring Lamb
Chunks of spring lamb with
garden herbs and vegetables
Bacon & Egg
Lashings of bacon with
egg and Cheese


Cocktail Pies

 Cocktail-AusBeef  Cocktail-BeefBurg  Cocktail-BeefMush CockTail-PeppSteak
 Aussie Beef  Beef & Burgundy Beef & Mushroom Peppered Steak
 Cocktail-BeefPotato  Cocktail-ChickLeek  Cocktail-ThaiChick  Cocktail-SpringLamb
 Beef Potato  Chicken & Leek  Thai chicken  Spring Lamb
 Cocktail-Shepherds  Cocktail-Pork  Cocktail-SpinMush  Cocktail-QuicheLorr
 Shepherds Pie  Pork Pie  Spinach Mushroom  Quiche Lorraine
 Cocktail-VegQuiche Cocktail-BaconEgg
 Vegetable Quiche  Bacon & Egg